Why Transition Expertise?

If there was ever a time to learn about transitions, it’s now. 

Table of Contents: What Financial Transitions Planning Teaches / How You Show Up as a Human Being / Signup For FTI/SMI Webinars or Training Programs

What Financial Transitions Planning Teaches

Although this is an unprecedented time for financial advisors as well as their clients, this shared experience we are all having is a transition not that unlike those you deal with daily in your practice. It might be orders of magnitude more complex or difficult, but it’s still a transition. And because major life events don’t take a break during pandemics, you might be called on to help clients through both at this time. In times of transition, we often struggle with emotions, anxiety, communication, decision-making, and self-care. It makes sense, then, that we would have a different set of tools and protocols for times like this. And that we’d have the inner resources to be able to care for ourselves as well as our clients. Transitions require your technical skills, for sure. But they also require you to possess the personal-side skills your clients need from you as they move through their human experience of this worldwide transition and/or their individual one. Financial Transitions Planning teaches you the stages of transition and what to look out for and do during each stage. More important, though, is what it teaches you about yourself and how to be for your clients.

  • Cultivate deep listening skills.
  • Learn what it means to provide a safe space for your clients so they feel protected.
  • Help clients and their families process their thoughts and feelings about this collective event as well as their life events.
  • Guide clients through decision-making.
  • Develop a formalized self-care plan and show your clients how to create their own.

This is How You Show Up as a Human Being

When your clients are most vulnerable. JOIN US in developing these crucial skills.

SEPARATE  yourself from your peers with the knowledge, process, and tools necessary to handle the challenges of the personal side of money.

DEVELOP a deep understanding of the human dynamics of change and transition.

CULTIVATE the inner resources you need to best serve clients when their worlds are upside down.

JOIN our unique community of practice.

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