Sudden Money Insights

Brings you interviews with the industry's leading Financial Advisors & Certified Financial Transitionists® 

Table of Contents: Guest Episodes / Episodes from Sudden Money Insights / Meet The Host


Guest Episodes:

🎧 24 min 43 sec listen

Invest in Women - The Podcast Series
Episode 7: Transitioning Through Life's Challenges with Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT®

🎧 48 min 10 sec listen

Susan Bradley and Louis van der Merwe, CFP® CeFT® FPSA®
Episode 86: Susan and Louis discuss why the time is ripe for the financial planning profession to become aware of the human side of life transitions. 

🎧 29 min 39 sec listen

Susan Bradley & Allison Berger, CFP® with Financial Symmetry. 
Episode 184: How will you handle your retirement Transition? 

🎧 32 min 07 sec listen

Pearl Planning - Jacki Roessler, CDFA®& Melissa Fradenburg, CDFA®
Episode 10: The Stages of Divorce Financial Recovery with Susan Bradley, Author, CFP®, CeFT®

Episodes from Sudden Money Insights:

🎧 31 min 23 sec listen

Episode 1: Why Mariette Tappan Became a Financial Transitionist at the Financial Transitionist Institute

🎧 33 min 51 sec listen

Episode 2: How Linda Cao Started and How She Focuses on Women in Life Transitions

🎧 23 min 50 sec listen

Episode 3: How Laura Redfern Stepped into this World of Life Transitions

🎧 21 min 28 sec listen

Episode 4: Why the Business Owner Space is Important with Josh Patrick

🎧 33 min 35 sec listen

Episode 5: Certified Financial Transitionist Esther Szabo shares her story of her path in Financial Services

🎧 24 min 17 sec listen

Episode 6: Diane Pearson tells us her story in the Financial World & How she received her CeFT® designation

Meet the Host

Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT®

Founder, The Sudden Money® Institute & Financial Transitionist® Institute 


Author of Sudden Money: Managing A Financial Windfall (Wiley 2000) 


As a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Financial Transitionist for 22+ years and Author, Susan will take you through each episode with passion. She believes everyone goes through the 4 stages of transition and we all need the right guidance.