Certified Financial Transitionist® Training

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Core Training

Complete in 12 months

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Access Training

Complete at your own pace

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The Stakes Are High In Financial Transitions, When Decisions Shape Life.


We provide the mindset, tools and community to go beyond traditional training and life planning to become a Certified Financial Transitionist®.


We Believe There Are

Two Sides of Money   


The technical side and the personal side.

Both sides are equally important and complex but it is the personal side that drives decision-making. 

We know that you have spent significant time and money to develop your excellent technical skills.


And it’s frustrating to find that it's the personal side that gets results!

Does This Sound Like You ?


Do you feel like there is something missing from your training?


➤ Are you haunted by the feeling that you should know more and do more?


➤ Can you describe and consistently deliver a unique experience?


➤ Are you keeping up with your clients changing lives?


➤ Do you have credentials that sets you apart?



Learn the Foundations of Financial Transition

Access Training breaks our 12-month Core training program into three levels, allowing you to complete the full program at your own pace, 4 months at a time!

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Learn the fundamentals of Financial Transitions Planning.

Core is shorthand for our yearlong Certified Financial Transitionist® training program. This includes skill building, tools, and experiential learning.

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Take any training with us and you will find it goes beyond coursework with hands-on-practice of the material. You’ll get personal feedback from FTI trainers and become a part of a strong community of likeminded advisors from around the world.

"When looking for tools and processes to help clients with the personal side of money, I could think of no better training opportunity than that which is offered through the Financial Transitionist Institute. An important added benefit is the community and fellowship aspects of the training, too."


- Moira Somers, PhD, C.Psych

Author of ‘Advice that Sticks’


"The CeFT training that not only I, but my colleagues at Omega have received helps us work more collaboratively together while bringing in the 21st century planners communication and relationship skills that clients are looking for and now the CFP Board recognizes are needed for the future."


- Lisa A.K. Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT® 

Founder & President of Omega Wealth Management


Every Financial Advisor says they work with clients in transition.


What makes you different?



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