An Invitation:  Reimagining Retirement Client Guidebook

This is our first free gift in 2022.

It was designed by CeFT® practitioners as a conversation and exploration on the personal side of retirement. The intention is to give your clients a set of personal exercises to help them discover and articulate their expectation and readiness for one of life’s biggest transitions, the end of earned income.

Across the world, financial planners are being asked to rewrite financial plans to make room for a remapping of the life-work equation. Many clients can afford to retire but may not be prepared to make the personal adjustments to new patterns, routines, responsibilities, and identity.

For others not financially ready, the process usually begins with the financial adjustments and trade-offs.

Retire early and get a part-time job, take a multi-year sabbatical, down-size or up-size homes and life- styles, move away from the city, live with family, sell the business early, grab the profit from real estate while it is still available, drop important insurance coverage to afford the life-long dream of beach front living, stop paying expensive tuition.

You can scenario test any and all of the numbers but without clarity on assumptions, hopes and fears it is easy for clients to miss the years of joy and wellbeing that might have been.

There are two sides to retirement, the technical and the personal.

Both are equally important and equally complex.

The personal side drives decisions and the ultimate sense of well being.

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