Join Us for a Four Month Webinar Series On
Authentic Intelligence™: The AI for Financial
Transitions Planning

Each Webinar is 30-Minutes


What is Authentic Intelligence?

Authentic Intelligence™: The AI For Financial Transitions Planning

It's the fusion of the human and the technical sides of financial planning.

The human side of wealth is no longer marginalized as the "soft stuff", it is finally being recognized around the world as equally important and equally complex as the technical side.

This webinar series is focused on what you, as a financial advisor, can do in your daily practice to fuse the two sides of money.

In this series, we'll go beyond the theoretical conversation about what this form of AI is and we'll talk about how you can operate with Authentic Intelligence every day with ease. 

This year, the human side of financial planning has been the theme of large financial conferences across the five continents where we work. Now is the time to go beyond talking about the human side, and to fuse the two sides - the human and the technical - into repeatable, practical, and universal processes for you to use with your clients.

Clients around the world are changing. They are more aware of their need for clarity, confidence and control in their lives. With Authentic Intelligence, the profession and all of us who make up the profession, are better equipped to give clients what they need now to thrive as life happens. 

Please register below for each webinar in this series. We look forward to your participation and moving this profession forward together. 

An AI Approach to Deep and Meaningful Client Conversations

Master the art of structured conversations and the power of silence in this webinar session. We’ll show you how a practical and repeatable structure can enhance your client’s clarity, confidence, and feeling of control in every meeting. Join us to gain valuable insights from real-life case studies.

How to Lean Into Challenging Client Behavior

Being well-prepared and equipped to handle difficult situations with your clients is essential. In this continued discussion on Authentic Intelligence™, we’ll share one of our key tools for use with clients and will discuss how to use this list of Transition Traits to gain deep insights into your clients' state of flow and identify areas where they may be struggling.

The Framework for Becoming a Client’s Thinking Partner

Three FTI protocols for change management and transition guidance. Sample cases of clients in each of the four stages of a life transition.